Players can earn coins in Pet Society through various ways like gardening, playing games, visiting your neighbors, fishing, and collecting. But one thing Pet Society has that’s not found in other social games in Facebook is recycling, which is another way of getting new items or coins.

Keep in mind that not every item in Pet Society is worth recycling, especially the expensive ones. You can get more coins from them if you sell them or if you trade them to other players for other items. Just like in real life, you should know first the value of the items before you recycle them.

There are items in Pet Society that you can trade in for Recycle Points that are twice as much as the cost in the shop. If you do gardening, you can recycle your produce, even the rotten ones. While fishing you might catch junk. This can be recycled as well.

There are three types of Eco Prizes you can redeem through recycling in Pet Society. 10,000 Recycle Points is for a Small Eco Prize, 20,000 points is for a Medium Eco Prize, and 30,000 points merits a Large Eco Prize.

The more Recycle Points you gain the better item you can get. In a way Pet Society teaches its players that it’s good to be green.