Zynga has been teasing this for quite a while and now chefs that are level 75 or above can finally cook the advanced recipes in Cafe World. If you’re curious to find out which are these recipes, what are the details and how can you unlock then, simply read on!

Let’s get done with the easy part now: how to unlock the Advanced section in the cookbook. You need to be level 75 or above and the section will automatically unlock for you. At the moment, there are just four advanced recipes you can cook but things will certainly change in the future.

Here are the Advanced Cafe World dishes and their details:

Chicken Vindalloo
Servings: 200
Ready in: 6 hours
Earns: 2600 coins
Cafe Points earned: 184 CP

Confit de Canard
Servings: 50
Ready in: 1 hour
Earns: 1050 coins
Cafe Points earned: 36 CP

Osso Bucco
Servings: 400
Ready in: 18 hours
Earns: 6000 coins
Cafe Points earned: 394 CP

Servings: 300
Ready in: 12 hours
Earns: 4500 coins
Cafe Points earned: 289 CP

Have you unlocked the new advanced dishes in Cafe World?