Speaking with Gamespot Nathan Vella, Capybara Games president, shared his opinion on the matter of uncertainty that will come with the new next gen systems. Nathan Vella revealed that since starting the studio 8 years, which has gone to develope Super T.I.M.E Force for the Xbox 360 and Below for the Xbox One, has never felt comfortable.

Vella believes Steam and the several pay options that will be available in this new generation will only lead to more creativity and innovation.

“It’s this really odd dichotomy or strange mix of more opportunity than ever and more uncertainty than ever,” Vella said when asked about his perception of the state of the industry.

“I don’t mind the uncertainty at all. In fact, I think the second that we get comfortable, the second that everybody’s like ‘OK, cool. This is how the industry is’ it’s going to cause more problems than if we don’t know what it is,” he added. “The lack of certainty right now I think really elicits or requires people to think about things creatively and take some f**king weird risks. Make some stupid calls, and those stupid calls could end up being the most successful things out there.”

With the arrival of the PS4 and Xbox One this fall, promises for more focus on indie development will only lead to more gaming options available for people. Both companies, especially Sony, have been pushing and focusing on the indie scene greatly since their next gen system announcements. Indie development seems to be the future for the industry, which can only be a good thing for indie studio Capybara Games and it’s president.

Vella also revealed that Super T.I.M.E Force will come out on the Xbox 360 this year, Below is set for a 2014 release date.