Through a number of tweets by several BioWare employees, scarce details about the next upcoming Mass Effect game were teased.

The first tweet comes from Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson on September 10. He said: “In a milestone review for next Mass Effect game. Team is doing outstanding work. Looks beautiful, fun, ambitious, and Mass Effect-y!” Another tweet was followed by BioWare community manager Jessica Merizan: “Watching absolutely stunning work from @masseffect team. Goosebumps. Such a passionate, talented group of devs! Can’t wait to say more.”

Finally concluding Yanick Roy, studio director at BioWare Montreal, (the studio that is working on Mass Effect), revealed perhaps the most detailed information regarding the game. He said: “Yesterday, the rest of BioWare finally got to get a first look at the next Mass Effect. Their reaction tells me we’re on the right track!” After that tweet Roy was asked about upcoming information on the game, in which he replied by saying: “Sadly, it probably will still be a while before we show anything publicly. Sorry!”

Back In June Roy offered details regarding the next Mass Effect, pleading fans to not worry. He said, “Don’t worry: we have a large and talented team, we started a while ago, and we are ‘borrowing’ a lot of game systems from [Dragon Age: Inquisition].” He clarified that this means “since we share engine, we can start from some of [Inquisition]’s core systems instead of from scratch.”

The last Mass Effect game, Mass Effect 3, was met with immense critical and commercial reception. However, the game was lauded by fans due to it’s highly controversial ending. The criticism proved too much for BioWare’s two founding fathers to deal with, which led them to retire from the industry completely. The ending was then patched with free DLC but it proved to no effect.

The next Mass Effect game won’t feature Commander Shepard and won’t be called Mass Effect 4, so people should keep that in mind.

(Source: IGN)