gold-s-gymThe competition is getting more intense for Nintendo’s Wii Fit, as Ubisoft plans to join Electronic Arts and their EA Sports Active and challenge the “king of Wii fitness” with a brand new product, Gold’s Gym: Cardio Workout. The game will also be out sooner than you might have expected: March 31, so you’d better get yourself ready!

The game will include support for the Balance Board and cardio exercises like boxing, running, sit-ups and other activities. It will also track your weight and number of calories burned, so you’ll always know when you can eat a new hamburger. However, if you’re really into this and want to lose weight, Ubisoft and Gold’s Gym: Cardio Workout will really help you with a coupon for one week at Gold’s Gym. So we’d assume that it’s an “US-only” kind of deal.

We’ll certainly see for ourselves by the end of March – I must admit I am really curious if these two upcoming title (Gold’s Gym and EA Sports Active) will have the power to at least budge Wii Fit’s supremacy. They do come backed up by the notion that they’re “making people sweat” and not improve their body balance. We’ll see.