psp2Acclaim’s CCO Dave Perry has caused quite some madness over the internet after he said that Sony finally has a PSP2 – leading to further rumors that the new handheld will hit the stores this year, a view Perry himself totally agrees with. Is there, however, anything official about all this? No, nothing yet.

However, Dave Perry wrote on his Twitter account: “I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they’ve removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive. I’m excited!”

Following this announcement, as you can imagine, the internet exploded and nobody seemed to care that Sony was just announcing some new games for the PSP (the original one). Not even Dave Perry, who is still certain we have a PSP 2 coming:

“I spoke to a developer who is working on [the PSP 2] right now. I know this developer is already working on it, so that means they have a prototype. That would sound like a fall release to me,” he said to Kotaku.

Although it doesn’t sound like a fall release to me (but what do I know?), it could be true that Sony are indeed working on something new. I’m curious to hear what the company has to say about this. Probably the classic “we’re not commenting on rumor and speculation”. Therefore, we still have nothing solid.