Usually, game developers and publishers only care about their games’ sales and profits, but every now and then they remember about charity and start doing something about that matter. For example, Ubisoft has joined forces with Handicap International in a charity campaign which aims to make young and old aware of the difficulties encountered by disabled people.

The campaign, entitled “AbilityTogether” comes with an official website that can be accessed here – and that’s the exact same place where you can play the mini-games created by Ubisoft for the campaign. There are three games you can play for free, each representing a different impairment which puts the player in the shoes of someone with a physical disability, a sensory disability or learning difficulties.

As you will see for yourself, the games are really well done and they do manage to achieve their goal: to make people playing them care about what’s happening in the world.

Also, all these games come with the concept of “serious game”, which means that they’re not about winning or losing, but about the awareness-raising message in the end and the new bits of information people learn about these disabilities while playing. So, all in all, it is a charity that’s worth all our attention and we must applaud Ubisoft for taking part in something that important.