I don’t know about you, but I spent good hours of my life playing games created by Paul Preece and David Scott – Tower Defense games, to be more specific. I am pleased to hear now that the two have decided to make work hours more pleasant (or harder, if you actually wish to work) by launching a social gaming site, Casual Collective.

For now, the collection of games available to play for free on the website is not at all huge, but things will change soon, as new titles get added. But even with the available titles (Desktop Tower Defense 1.9, Buggle Stars, Farragomate and more) you know you’ll have a hard work’s day today. Just a few words of advice: make sure your boss doesn’t see!

Back to Casual Collective, it’s worth noting that its creator Paul Preece told to Edge magazine that he believes Flash games are better than AAA 3D titles, at least distribution-wise: “When Desktop Tower Defense launched it went from, without any advertising, from nobody playing it to half a million playing it a day—in the space of two days,” he said. So, if you want to get the numbers higher, just head over to the Casual Collective website and take your pick!


  1. this is a good site which my cp has been banned because i tried a friends account which was banned and it banned my cp with it and casual collective will not unban me. -.- so i will now have to say that its crap……….

  2. The Casual Collective has not fixed anything. They release games and never fix them. Games people have paid for. The are losing their founding members quickly.


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