If I had ever wondered “how much is too much” now I know, after finding out the horrible so-called “parody” created by PETA to Majesco’s bestselling title Cooking Mama. In this free flash game that made me go mad, the poor Cooking Mama is turned into a bloody criminal that will literally fill your screen with blood and disgust. Horrible, horrible idea from the animal “lovers”.

The idea of the game Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals (click to play but be warned about its sheer stupidity!) is that Majesco influences players into becoming animal murdering bastards who dare to eat meat instead of chewing leafs from the trees all day, like idiot giraffes. And if you decide to play that aberration of a flash game you will be grossed by the fact that some so-called animal lovers could create something as horrible as that game, behind the idea of grossing players with the bare naked truth.

The thing is that they’re not even close to the truth – there’s a particularly revolting sequence in their “game” where eggs are dripping blood and a dead little chicken falls out of it. And that is simply not the way to put it, even if their utopic plan is not as diabolical as Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals: they ask you to sign a petition so that Majesco will create a vegan Cooking Mama game. Hilarious and crazy, which makes me kind of forget about wasting a few minutes with that PETA “game”.