Total Payback DLC delayed for Mercenaries 2

Total Payback DLC delayed for Mercenaries 2

Although not the most popular game of recent times, Mercenaries 2 has quite some fans who were pleased to know that a cool downloadable content pack was going to be released. Well, plans changed for now since Total Payback has been delayed for unspecified reasons, according to an official post on the Pandemic boards.

“We regret to announce the Xbox 360 “Total Payback” update will not be available until early November. We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience while we push to finalize the update,” was the brief statement that managed to get some people mad.

Although later posts specified that Total Payback will not be delayed too much and it will still be released “early November,” there are still no reasons stated for the delay, nor a specific date mentioned. That’s really bad news for fans but I think we can all agree on one thing: it’s better to have a polished DLC released than yet another unfinished job.

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