I doubt there are many people to have a $26,000 value of video games at home – all of them being for the Nintendo Wii is even less plausible. However, there is a huge Nintendo fan and Neogaf user, named MiketheBSG, who had 66 Wii, 228 VC, 30 WiiWare, 151 GameCube and 127 DS games – all in one place: his home.

Unfortunately for Mike, a burglar broke into his house and stole the entire collection of games, including a 42″ Panasonic HDTV, an iPod Classic, his girlfriend’s jewelry, and her laptop. Everything valued at $26,000, so that’s quite a hit. Lost forever, you might be tempted to believe. But, fortunately, Nintendo jumped on the white horse and decided to bring back at least half a smile on Mike’s face.

According to the owner himself, even though the company does not do such things, it returned his WiiWare and Virtual console titles back to the old Nintendo Wii console. Way to go, Nintendo!

“BTW, Nintendo, if you don’t know yet, has the greatest customer service EVER. I told them about the situation, and as we all know, you can’t transfer VC or WW games to a new Wii typically, but they hooked me up with their Admin office and have pinged my old account on the old Wii to the new one,” said a delighted Mike. So it’s all good when there’s a happy ending involved. Now all we can hope for is to hear that the burglar was caught, too.