It appears that Westwood’s C&C universe is bound to stay only in the real time strategy genre, since Electronic Arts has finally confirmed that Tiberium, the tactical squad based FPS set in the Command and Conquer universe has been cancelled. And that’s quite some sad news for fans who were expecting the release of the game for quite some time.

According to an official memo from EA, the game was cancelled because it had “had fundamental design challenges from the start” and “the game just isn’t coming together well enough to meet our own quality expectations as well as those of our consumers”. These are some pretty tough words for a game that was believed to be able to offer a true Tiberium (Wars) first person experience. But, probably, it’s better without it than with a poor quality game.

Unfortunately, according to the reports, several persons working on the project will be fired, while the others will be placed on other EA projects. We truly hope that those left outside will find a job pretty soon and, who knows, maybe even start working on their own on a C&C shooter. Because one thing is clear: following the cancellation of Tiberium, Electronic Arts has no plans to develop another FPS based in the C&C universe…


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