modern-warfare2-ingameThe PC version of the best debuting game of all times, Modern Warfare 2, didn’t receive that much attention as the console version (or, better said, the attention PC gamers wanted), but this didn’t stop the wiz kids dig deep through the game’s code to discover all sorts of goodies.

And, thank God, they did find some really amazing goodies, according to Modern Warfail: three unannounced game modes that can be fully experienced by anybody on the PC using a little hack. Here are the three modes, as described by those who found them:

– The first gametype – “gtnw” – is Global Thermonuclear War. To play, simply capture the objective: a nuclear bomb. When captured, the bomb detonates…

– The second gametype – “oneflag” – is One Flag CTF. To play, capture the flag in the middle and bring it back to your base.

– The third gametype – “vip” – is VIP. To play, defend the VIP. Or, if you?re on the other team, kill the VIP.

Of course, the joy of discovering the goodies was soon replaced by the normal question: why did Activision and Infinity Ward decide against releasing the game with these modes active? And if they did, why are the modes still in the game’s code?

The most likely answer is that the developers are planning some future DLC for Modern Warfare 2, DLC that is supposed to “unlock” these modes and offer them to the players. If this is true, it might just be that the PC gamers managed to screw up Activision’s money-making plans. Either way, it’s a really interesting topic and I’ll keep my eyes open for updates.