red-dawn-imageIn order to make us forget a little about the swine flu and their poor financial state, THQ has announced a new first person shooter game, a new IP titled Homefront. The game will be properly presented during this year’s E3 summit, but a few details are already known.

For example, we do know that Homefront will be developed by Kaos Studios (devs of Frontlines: Fuel of War) and it will be based on a story penned by Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now writer John Milius.

According to Gamasutra, the game will be set in the near future when North Korea has occupied the United States following it’s economic collapse. Of course, there still exists an American Civilian Resistance fighting for freedom and you’re obviously part of it. In other words, a typical John Milius story.

Homefront will feature a story-driven single player campaign, but also a MMO component, like any solid FPS released nowadays. There was no release date announced for THQ’s new game, but we will surely be told more during E3 2009.