The stealth genre will receive a huge boost with the comeback of the Thief series. Eidos Montreal and Square Enix have announced that the release of the upcoming Thief won’t happen before 2014, however new details about the gameplay, graphics, storyline and combat mechanisms have been emerging. This time a trailer featuring the protagonist, Garrett, the Master Thief, was released with a small statement from Eidos Montreal:

Some steal to survive, Garrett survives to steal…Get a glimpse of what it takes to be the Master Thief in this new trailer. Eidos-Montréal’s new title, THIEF, is in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Check the trailer here:

Analyzing Garrett, the Master Thief E3 Trailer

Garrett will be present on the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and to preview the game’s presence, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix launched a stunning trailer, where Garrett introduces himself as the Master Thief.

This freshly released trailer previews a very ambitious, yet skillful Garrett. The game’s lead message, ‘what’s yours is mine’, is extremely explicit during the whole cinematic, where Garrett proves himself capable to steal anything he wants. There is nothing or no one able to stop him from achieving his goals, which in this case implies stealing a vintage golden medallion. The thief’s words are: “When I want something, I always get it.”

A mysterious personality hides behind Garrett’s dark clothes, which cover most of his body, including his face. Only the eyes are clearly visible. Hiding body characteristics is something natural for a thief; Garrett needs to remain hidden on the shadows, since even the most careful man is at risk when it comes to dangerous arts like stealing. Keeping its real identity from being exposed is a top priority.

The details and definition behind his weapons reveal an immeasurable strength level. Besides a master thief, Garrett appears to be a master blacksmith as well, since he can craft his arrows and shape his sword.

Garrett presents himself as an utterly skilled thief and exposes his addiction to stealing, as well as his reliant bound with the gear he wears:

Stealing is my way of life, it sets me free in the night, every riveted stitch. Let me find what I most desire. The clothes that hide me, the tool that arm me, all lead to that priceless moment…

A teasing message culminates the trailer, as Garrett asks the viewers: “Did you miss me?”