The storyline of Watch Dogs will present an alternative version of Chicago, Illinois, where a supercomputer known as CtOS (Central Operating System) will take control of basically every technological device in the city. New details regarding control, hacking, infiltration and other information warfare concepts have been released. Ubisoft published new content revealing the level of warfare lived in this upcoming version of Chicago:

“They are always watching. Street lights, security systems, and power grids can all be accessed and manipulated remotely.”

Check the screen shot here, showing a couple inside doors, thought the eyes of a camera:

This information warfare mechanism is not an exclusivity of Chicago, since controlling and manipulating everyone seems a very convenient ability to possess, especially for governments and other control enterprises. The antihero Aiden Pierce will be struggling against this persecutor system, where freedom seems to be nothing but a shining utopia. The only way to escape this super vigilante computer is to hack and neutralize the innumerous control devices installed in the city, as well as creating firewalls to block the automatic spy structures inside personal devices. Hacking will be Aiden’s most useful weapon, as technology is the seed of modern life – it’s everywhere and it’s essential for the welfare of the city. Restoring balance and freedom will be the protagonist’s main goals; however freedom usually doesn’t come without a price.