A House Divided is the second episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 2 and it’s expected to be released on February. At the end of episode one, All That Remains, a small trailer is shown predicting some of the upcoming events. As the title expresses itself, the cabin group will be divided about something and in my opinion, they’ll have different positions about leaving or staying in the cabin. The danger is imminent; however the source reasons remain unknown. Check the mini trailer here if you haven’t finished Season one yet:

Carver: The New Antagonist?

The reason for this disagreement is simple – Clementine, Pete and Nick have found a dead group at the river shores, they found bullet holes all over the corpses and they seem to know who’s behind the massacre. The bandit leader who used to mentor the cabin group, Carver, seems to be looking for them. And honestly, I don’t think they want to be found. For some reason the bandit wants them dead, but why? Is it because they ran away or could it be because the cabin group knows too much about his criminal activities? There’s surely a huge story around this matter and I think that Carver is some kind of psychopath killer, unless the cabin group is wrong about the killing and they’re definitely not what they appear to be so far.

Clementine opens the cabin’s door and she meets an unknown man who’s looking for the group.

The Runaway: Towards the Mountains

Clementine appears in the trailer revealing that an unknown man came looking for them, the group immediately knows who it was and they start making plans. The only thing I don’t understand is why Carven didn’t kill them if he has indeed found their location already. Perhaps he enjoys chasing the prey? The result of that discussion seems clear when the group is travelling towards the nearby mountains. But what or who’s there in the mountains? Is it Carver and his bandit group? Or is it another group of people able to offer protection against the possible antagonist? What’s known for now is that there’s actually a group of people in the mountains and they’re all well-armed. However, there’s no sign of Carver. It would be a bit ridiculous to walk into the enemy’s nest, to say the least, unless, of course, they’re naïve enough to think that words actually work in an apocalyptic world gone mad.

The group walks towards the mountains and in the meanwhile Rebecca says she can’t go on.

The Return of the Survivor

As the cabin group reaches the mountains, there’s a clear sign of an old character, someone Clementine used to know and believed to be dead. Could it be Christa? Or is it Lilly, who perhaps found shelter amongst this new group? The third option is Kenny – could he still be alive after all the events of Season one? Honestly, I think the most credible return is Lilly’s, she had the chance to escape in a RV during episode 3 and she could perfectly be alive. On the other hand, Kenny and Christa have way more chances to be dead than alive but Telltale has a great sense of humor, anything is possible.

Clementine is surprised to see someone she thoguht to be dead.

The Mountains: New Home or Temporary Shelter?

There are so many questions and one of them is exactly the meaning of this mountain group to Clementine and her people. Why would they go there in the first place? Perhaps, one member knew about this group or did they find each other by chance? Nevertheless, the cabin people are officially runaways and they need protection against Carven, so maybe this will be their new home until something drastic happens, until Carven finds them again. And that’s probably the ending for this next episode. Carven has found them once, he can find them again and I’m sure he won’t be as benevolent as the first time. As for Clementine, she’ll most likely lose a bunch of friends again – it’s the natural course of things in the Walking Dead world.