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The Wolf Among Us Season 1: Episode 2 ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Preview



The Wolf Among Us is an episodic graphic game from Telltale Games released on October of last year. However, the second episode Smoke and Mirrors is only coming live next month. Will this long waiting be worth it? Probably yes, since suspense, mystery and enigmatic leads are all over this Fable story. Who’s the responsible for the two homicides? Who’s the fable who has become a serial killer? And most of all, why is he or she targeting girls who seem to be related to sheriff Bigby? For now, all we have are elusive suspects and a lot of questions but the preview trailer can make things a bit more clear. Check it out here if you didn’t have the chance yet.

The Serial Killer: ‘Oh god, it’s one of us!’

At the end of the first episode it became clear that Bigby is dealing with much more than just a murderer, it’s indeed a serial killer. But the killing is not random or indiscriminate. Apparently, this serial killer is obsessed with Bigby. It’s easy to tell since both victims were related to him, could it be a coincidence? I doubt it.


The Woodsman was one of the main suspects during episode one due to his aggressive behavior towards Faith, who showed up dead a few hours later after being beaten by him.

There are several candidates but so far, none of them are clearly guilty. The Woodsman seems to be the perfect candidate, he used to be a hero and he even defeated Bigby, back when he was devouring people as the Big Bad Wolf. Things are different now, Bigby is the town’s sheriff and the Woodsman is a mere violent drunkard. His hate for the wolf is well known, now more than ever it’s not just hate; it’s envy and jealousy. He surely has great motive to back up the murders but he seems to be innocent this time. He was at the bar with Bigby, he couldn’t have decapitated Snow while Bigby walked home. The second suspect is one of the Tweedles, but once again, he showed up at the bar just before Snow’s head was discovered. The top two suspects were eliminated at the end of the episode and only one prime suspect remains, Bluebeard.

Bluebeard: Redemption or Reassurance?

Bluebeard used to be a serial killer who decapitated his brides, now he’s a business man, one of the richest in Fable Town and he uses his money to secure political influence for personal gain. Could the villain be back on his old business? After all the murdering patterns fit his old methods – women, decapitation, they’re just not his brides.


Bluebeard didn’t show up in episode one, he was simply mentioned as a rich guy who used to be a killer. Episode two will introduce him as a real character and possible prime suspect.

Or were they? We don’t know that, however there’s an illegal network going on, Faith was part of it and apparently Beauty is involved as well. If Bluebeard is actually behind it, then his female workers could be considered brides and everything would fit together. But it could be him as it could be someone else, there’s no solid evidence so far. Just because he used to do it in the past it doesn’t mean he did it this time. I believe a new suspect will emerge in Smoke and Mirrors mostly because it would be too obvious and predictable to make Bluebeard the real killer, even if he currently fits perfectly as the prime suspect.

Beauty and the Beast: Secrets of the Night

Beauty and the Beast will have more relevance in the upcoming episode and apparently, something shocking will be revealed. I suppose Bigby will discover what Beauty has been doing late at night. I think she’s involved in the shadow network, as I said before, and that will surely disappoint Beast. For some reason Bigby will most keep the information from him (perhaps he thinks Beauty is in danger or something alike).


The two beasts get in a rough fight, however the reason is not clear.

The trailer shows Bigby and Beast fighting but the reason isn’t clear. I’m not sure if it’s about Beauty or if it’s actually related to the homicides. I noticed back at Toad’s place that there were claw marks at the window, which means the serial killer is a wolf or a beast? The almost perfect decapitations would be explained then – sharp claws can execute perfect cuts.

Bigby Wolf: Hero or Villain?

Wouldn’t it be surprising if Bigby turned out to be the bad guy once again? The guy barely sleeps or eats and he’s always involved in fights. It wouldn’t be too shocking if he had some moments of euphoria where his natural form would break through his charm disguise. Then he would commit the most atrocious acts. In the preview trailer, the mirror pronounces an enigmatic riddle: “Friend on friend, at the end of the end.” And Bigby appears in the mirror with his eyes glowing yellow. Is the mirror pointing towards Bigby as the killer or is it trying to tell him that all the murders are being committed by someone who used to be his friend?


No one would tell this is sheriff’s Bigby true appearance but it really is.

At the very end of the trailer, Bigby is shown in his true form, a ruthless werewolf. He shows no signs of humanity and he seems to be about to strike someone while Toad asks if that’s really himself. Is Bigby a hero or a villain? The answer will be known next month.

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  1. Snowwhiter

    January 25, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    I wish Snow White didn’t get her head cut off but I’m curious to find out who did it if it’s not the headsman like we thought at first.

    • Marta Branco

      January 26, 2014 at 8:46 am

      It surprised me that she got killed but I’m guessing the killer won’t stop so soon.

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Browser Games Review: The Best Companion in the World of Online Gaming



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Accumulator Bet – Guide to Australian Online Sports Betting




Accumulator Bet - Guide to Australian Online Sports Betting

Accumulator bet is very much popular with bettors. It allows you to combine the odds of multiple selections to achieve a greater payout if your predictions are successful.

While accumulator bets may seem complicated at first glance, they are actually fairly simple. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to use it for your Australian online sports betting:

You’ll soon find out what an accumulator bet is, how it works, and what different types of this bet exist.

What Is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet is also known as parlay. It is a type of wager that is made up by combining multiple bets into one selection.

Let’s say that you wanted to make an accumulator on multiplier football games. In this case, you could pick five teams to win their respective games in one accumulator.

As you are combining different odds, and effectively multiplying them with each other, an accumulator bet will pay out a much higher return than if you were to bet on your choices as separate selections.

This is because all of your choices must be successful for your bet to win.

As all the betting options are combined to achieve a greater value in total stake, if just one of your picks loses, the whole accumulator bet will lose too, so there is an increased risk when placing this sort of bet.

However, it can also enhance your Australian online sports betting experience and make wagering extra fun.

Some of the most popular sports you can make accumulator bets on are football, basketball, hockey, and horse racing.

However, you should keep in mind that some sportsbooks might prevent you from combining multiple other bets into one accumulator.

Also, please note that a second bet on multiple selections from, for example, the same game of soccer, is not an accumulator bet – this would be a same game multi or multiplier, which is a totally different type of bet.

Accumulator Bet Explained in Detail

As you can see, an accumulator bet isn’t too complicated. Now we’ll use horse racing as an example to demonstrate how to use it best for your Australian online sports betting.

Let’s say you are presented with a race card for a meeting that contains six races. You can choose to pick a selection from all six races, or from just four, (you can also pick one selection of just two horses, known as a ‘Double’, or three horses, known as a ‘Treble’).

Depending on the race, you can choose the horse that you believe will win.

You will then combine all of these selections into one bet to build a total profit for your accumulator.

Because you are combining the odds for each of these horses to win, you are increasing the amount of money you could win, but also increasing the risk of at least one bet losing which will mean your accumulator loses too.

What Are the Different Types of Accumulator Bets?

As a rule, this type of bet consists of 4 or more selections, with many bookmakers allowing up to 20 selections.

Combining two bets into one bet is known as a ‘Double’, whilst combining three bets is called a ‘Treble’.

When you have four selections in one parlay bet, this is known as a ‘Four-fold”. Five bets in one parlay are called a ‘Five-fold’, and so on.

Each-Way Accumulator Bet

While an accumulator bet is very attractive for bettors, there is a high risk that the first bet won’t win, as there can be so many elements that need to be successful for the bet to win big.

However, some of that risk can be eased by placing bets on an each-way accumulator.

This Australian online sports betting option is particularly popular when betting on horse racing, as there are usually more options to choose from when trying to pick a winner.

Here, the idea is to give the bettor a better chance of winning if one of the horses fails to win, but still manages to place 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on.

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Browser Games

Online Gambling and Wagering’s Growth




Online Gambling and Wagering's Growth

SNS Insider predicts the market to hit USD 174.6 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 11.9% from 2024 to 2031. Live betting and mobile wagering have revolutionized the online betting market, leading to its rapid expansion.

  • Because smartphones and tablets are so popular, betting is now more accessible, and live betting gives players an adrenaline rush during casino games and sporting events.
  • Additionally, when disposable income rises in emerging economies, more consumers will come here.
  • Moreover, more and more reliable bookmakers are appearing on the market, for example, ggbet casino, which offers excellent conditions and pleasant bonuses.
  • Tech innovations combining AI with VR enhance user experiences and drive market growth.
  • Legalization of online gambling in more nations is likely to significantly impact demand.

Online casinos rarely invest in game development themselves. Most often they only provide access to slots developed by providers. It is important that the software on an online casino website be licensed. Winnings have to be calculated fairly. The GGBet website offers games from the following well-known providers: Betsoft, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.

Analysis of Market

By Type

Professional sports leagues and competitions have gained immense global popularity, which has led to the significant rise of sports betting in the industry. There is an extensive array of games available at online casinos. With a lesser but consistent market share, poker, bingo, and other categories serve certain player tastes.

By Device

Mobile devices have greatly surpassed desktops as a decent platform for online gaming and betting. All this became possible thanks to their portability and user-friendly interfaces. Even now, some old-school gamers prefer desktops due to their big screens and better graphics.

Impact of Global Events

The internet gambling and betting industry has been greatly impacted by the continuing war in Ukraine. While some European regions may experience a decline due to economic turmoil, other markets may see a surge in activity as people look for recreational opportunities.

Furthermore, the war has highlighted the potential for digital currency transactions in online gambling and similar industries, as they provide secure and anonymous payment options. In addition to that, GGBet Casino provides a wide range of payment methods, including cryptocurrency transactions, ensuring that you won’t encounter any financial difficulties when it comes to topping up or withdrawing funds.

Both opportunities and problems are linked to the worldwide economic recession. If some players choose to spend less of their discretionary income on online gaming, revenue creation may be harmed. To reach a larger client base, this may be offset, though, by placing more emphasis on price and offering easily accessible betting alternatives.

Important Regional Advancements

With almost 45% of the worldwide market, Europe presently commands the largest share of the market. The main cause of this supremacy is the legalization of internet gambling in nations like Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Europe leads in many areas. These include the wide use of smartphones, online casinos, and high-speed internet.

The Asia Pacific region will grow a lot in the next few years. This is due to rising internet use, more money, and the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Also, regulations on online gambling will loosen in a few of the region’s countries. This will further drive market expansion.

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