Indie packs are a great way for developers to get their games known by more people and for gamers to finally get a chance to play some really cool indie games. Steam kicked off their own interesting indie pack, launching a great deal for the Swedish Indie Pack, a set of 10 games released by indie developers from Sweden.

Here is the list of titles that you can get for just 10 Euros (80% off) if you decide to purchase the Swedish Indie Pack:

– Blueberry Garden
– Bob Came in Pieces
– Dwarfs?!
– Hamilton’s Great Adventure
– Harvest: Massive Encounter
– Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
– Noitu Love 2: Devolution
– Puzzle Dimention
– Saira
– The Ball

Normally, you would have to pay almost 74 EUR if you decided to purchase all the games, but thanks to the Swedish Indie Pack, you can get them all for the incredible price of 10.99 Euros, which is an absolutely amazing deal! So take advantage of this great offer from Steam (click to visit) as soon as possible and play some top indie titles right now!