sims3-houseYou certainly loved being the God that led your The Sims 3 character to glory or misery, didn’t you? Well, in that case, Electronic Arts has an even bigger present for you, turning you into a fully fledged God that can also create worlds as they see fit. This is possible thanks to the free release of the Create a World Tool for The Sims 3.

According to EA themselves, this great tool allows players to “design and build entire worlds for their Sims or begin their creations with pre-made Sunset Valley or Riverview terrains. Once players are satisfied with their brand new world, they can then share their creations online through The Sims 3 Exchange.” In other words, the power to turn this highly replayable game into a never dying one!

Here are the features of the Create a World Tool for The Sims 3:

– Design Entire Worlds – Players can choose terrain patterns, vegetation and neighborhood accents like water towers and lighthouses, then place lots and roads to create something totally unique.
– Players Choice – Players can start with a blank canvas, or modify the terrains that formed the basis of Sunset Valley or Riverview.
– For Advanced Designers – Those with design skills can bring creativity to life by creating and importing designs from Photoshop and other programs into their world.
– Trees Galore! – Combine objects and items from The Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack or items from The Sims 3 Store to create a one of a kind landscape.
– Share with the World – Created worlds can be shared and downloaded through The Sims 3 Exchange. Sims players will now have additional worlds to choose from beyond the extra town of Riverview, which has been downloaded 2MM times.

This editing tool is avaialbe to all registered The Sims 3 players and can be downloaded and used completely free of charge from the official The Sims 3 website.