The Real Life Actors that Look Like Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors

The Real Life Actors that Look Like Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors

l4d2survivorsHave you ever asked yourself what if Valve decided to create a Left 4 Dead movie based on Left 4 Dead 2, who would play the lead characters (aka the survivors)? You probably didn’t and we can’t blame you, but I spent a few hours here in the Unigamesity trying to figure out which Holywood stars would best fit the roles of the L4D2 survivors and I have the answers. Check out the images to see the real life actors that could play the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors in a potential movie. Why? Because they look a lot like them!

1. Ellis – Matt Damon


Confident and disgusted of everything around him, Ellis the mechanic would be best played by Matt Damon. Not only that they look alike, but I’m also sure that they could both stick a baseball bat up a Boomer’s arse in a second!

2. Coach – James Avery


Probably best known as “Philip Banks” from the old sitcom Fresh Price of Bel Air (starring Will Smith), James Avery could certainly take on the role of a massive football coach ready to blast everything away with his bare hands.

3. Rochelle – Halle Berry


In Left 4 Dead 2, Rochelle plays a news reporter – a character that doesn’t seem to have anything in common with wielding big guns and battling zombies. The same can be said about Halle Berry: she seems oh, so innocent and sweet, but we all know that she can get pretty dirty. And lethal! Yes, lethal!

4. Nick – Kevin Spacey


He might be a bit older now than he was when he played the awesome role in The Usual Suspects, but Kevin Spacey definitely still has it and would do a great job playing a gambler and ex con – the exact type of character that is Nick, our last survivor. Just look into his eyes – don’t they just say “I’m gonna slowly smash a Tank’s head!”?

What do you think? Would these actors be the best choice for the real life survivors in Left 4 Dead 2?

Please note: I just want to make one things clear in case it’s not: there is no official word (as far as I know) about an upcoming Left 4 Dead movie with or without the “cast” suggested above!


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Lol nice list.

I always thought that Coach was looking like Shaquille O’Neal more than anybody else but that dude seems like the best choice.

Oh, and Halle Berry should let her hair grow if she wants to stand a chance lol.

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Halle Berry, yummy. Would love to see her on that Left 4 Nude site.

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Nah, Nick totally looks like John Cusack. :)

I’m not convinced on MATTDAMON either, but can’t think of anyone better…

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I’m fairly sure Matt Damon is right, in a new trailer I saw for the Melee weapons, it really sounds just like Matt’s voice.

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i think ellis likes like mark wahlberg…

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Nick does NOT look like Kevin Spacey, that’s just crazy talk. He does however look like Tim Roth… but with a bit of John Cusack/Nicolas Cage-ish-ness….

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I believe that the actor who Remains better for ell paper of the Nick is jhon cusak and not kevin spacey, also I believe that ellis it does not look like in anything Matt Damon, I believe that serious better marck wahlberg since Matt this one very old, and I believe that Halle similar Berry is not in anything to rotchelle, search another actris for her for which to my not convinces me

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Probably ellis to be shia labeouf

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Ellis looks like this guy


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Ray Godwin

Love the game. Almost perfect casting, but I think Rochelle should be someone younger? Great work bud!

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lol they will be the best actors in this movie except james avery
i didnt listen or watch him in a movie or even see him in my life .
but u r great.

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Nick looks like Ed Norton!

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Карим любитель Френсиса и Ника

Жду не дождусь фильма LEFT4DEAD если кто знает подскажите когда он выйдет в кинотеатрах Астаны :-)

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No Nick looks more like the guy form tyhe movie “the hangover”

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Michael Madsen for nick


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Michael Madsen could do a good nick so could Ed Norton ellis Ryan_Kwanten or mark wahlberg r even Jesy McKinney and Shanola Hampton as rochelle Darnell Rice as coach

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i don’t know…I see Rochelle as more Rutina Wesley.

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i agree with you except for nick…he totaly looks like michael madsen!!! :p

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Actually, Coach is based off of coach hester, a coach at Fletcher high school in Florida, one of the designers probably went there!

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If you look at his shirt, its gold and purple, the Fletcher colors, and if you pay attention to the initials on the shirt, it says “FHS” which is an abbreviation for Fletcher High School.

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Channing Tatum – Ellis
Forest Whitaker – Coach
Viola Davis – Rachel
Bronson Pinchot – Nick

Then for fun, actually have people MODEL for all the special infected and do voices… Classic horror peeps… Like have the voice done and the likeness of the Smoker modeled after Bruce Campbell!!!

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Dmitry T.

You people are forgetting something.

Have you ever heard of Chad Coleman who plays Tyreese Williams in AMC’s The Walking Dead? Well, he’s also the voice actor for Coach in Left 4 Dead 2, and he’s a stocky, black man like him, so I think he would be the best pick for PLAYING Coach, despite the fact that Coach’s face was modeled after a different person (Darnell Rice).

Likewise, you have Taymour Ghazi portraying Nick in the same game (while Nick was voiced by Hugh Dillon, an actor and singer for Headstones) and that actor seems to be a perfect pick to play Nick as well, knowing what his other roles were. Gotta say, though, comparing Nick to Kevin Spacey was something.

As for other real-life celebrities like Jesse McKinney as Ellis’ face model and Shanola Hampton as Rochelle’s, they only look like the characters (well, DUH, Valve traced their faces to create them in the first place), so I doubt they would return for the Left 4 Dead movie. That is, if the movie IS going to happen… Seriously, now, this is Valve and Hollywood we’re talking about: even if they would consider it, that movie might get bombed anyway. I wasn’t trying to give you hope here.

Also, do you wanna know would likely qualify as the real-life Boomer?

Gabe Newell.