electronic-arts-logoYesterday, a very interesting rumor hit the gaming world: according to various sources, Microsoft was planning to purchase Electronic Arts, the second biggest game publisher in the world (or THE biggest according to others). However, today Microsoft debunked the rumor.

A Microsoft spokesperson contacted G4TV after the website reported that Microsoft was interested in purchasing Electronic Arts and denied the rumor:

“There’s no truth to the speculation” said the spokesman, “We have no plans to purchase EA.”

Although it seems natural to hear that Electronic Arts has no plans to let itself bought by any other company, the thought that Microsoft could grab all the EA franchises and potentially turn them into Xbox 360 exclusives scared a lot of people, both PC as well as PS3 owners. However, EA is doing great as a publisher and probably a purchase would cost Microsoft a lot more than the company would be willing to pay to anybody.

Still, after the rumor broke in, EA’s stock value rose 5 percent.