crashcourse-l4dValve promised that, even though they will be releasing Left 4 Dead 2 soon, they will not forget about the original game and today’s news proves it: the developers have announced an upcoming release of a new campaign. Crash Course is its title and it will arrive soon – sometime during the next week. Oh, what a pleasant surprise!

The PC owners of the game will laugh at those who only have Left 4 Dead on their Xbox 360, as the PC version of Crash Course will be completely free for download!

According to Valve, the new Left 4 Dead campaign will bridge the gap between the “No Mercy” and “Death Toll” campaigns. The new downloadable campaign will feature both survival and co-op maps, as well as a “complete Versus mode experience in just 30 minutes”.

Arriving about two months before the launch of the Left 4 Dead sequel, Crash Course will certainly become an instant hit on September 29, when it will see daylight. Let’s all hope for a truly unique and high quality DLC pack!