settlers7-imageoldOne of the longest lasting franchises, The Settlers, will receive its seventh episode soon according to Ubisoft who announced officially that Blue Byte is working on The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom. As expected, the usual changes to the gameplay mechanic will be introduced, as well as multiplayer modes that should be at least exciting if we are to believe the “Settlers comes to life” trailer you can watch below.

Amongst the main features announced for the upcoming Settlers game, the most important seem to be the following ones:

– Rich gameplay mechanics: The deep building and production systems both allow gamers to expand their kingdom village by village, sector by sector, optimizing their creation by fine-tuning production chains and transport systems.
– Variety of gameplay: Gamers will be able to choose the best path to lead their kingdom to victory around three main pillars:
– Military: by building strong armies and defeating opponents with shear military power.
– Science: by increasing their influence in the monasteries, gamers will be able to have access to the most beneficial technologies.
– Trade: by occupying the best trade routes to become the wealthiest player on the map.

Also, according to Ubisoft, The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom will include a brand new graphic engine, more than a dozen AI profiles (all improved compared to previous games in the series), a new victory system based on victory points and, as I said before, a multiplayer mode. Add to that user-generated content and online leaderboards and you can say to Settlers 7 “Welcome to the 21st century!”

Some of the new features of the game are shown in the official teaser trailer that was just released, so watch it below to get better acquainted with The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom: