If you’re looking for a fun, indie and kind of cheap racing game for your PC, Frogames might have the solution: MiniOne Racing, a fun little title they have just released and which is up for grabs for $19.95. Even more, if you want to test the colorful little racing game, you can go and download a demo right away from the game’s official website.

As the name subtly suggests, Minione Racing brings us fun little miniature vehicles to drive around virtual beaches, playgrounds, campsites and even other planets! With multiplayer modes for up to four players – you can play over the Internet or LAN – and online leaderboards, the game promises to offer you everything a high budget would, but for a cheaper price. But in the end it’s up for you to decide what to do, right?

“MiniOne Racing was designed by kid and programmed by geeks,” according to Christophe Canon, co-founder of Frogames. “It’s a racing game with the Frogames touch,” Mr. Canon added. That means that we’re talking about a fun and cartoonish title. That’s not just about racing, since it also comes with equilibrium and jump game modes. Those mini cars seem to be full of surprises!