Cursed Crusade is an upcoming action-adventure title created by dtp Entertainment and Kt Games and has some nice potential: it’s a game set in the medieval times when the order of the Templars is trying to get their hands on Constantinople and you’re put in the shoes of a young knight who also has a personal quest: that of finding his father.

Add to that a cool medieval setting, a curse that’s trying to tear the main character to pieces (but one that can be controlled and mastered for some really devilish results) and over 130 weapons to use on the enemies and you have a great game, right?

Well, it all goes a little tiny bit downwards when you check out the Cursed Crusade trailer below where you can see some really mediocre graphics, unimpressive gameplay and something that appears to be awful voice acting. Well, not all games can live up to their expectations!

What do you think about Cursed Crused? Would you put your money down for it? If the answer is yes, I’ve got good news for you: the game will be released this Summer. Yay!