It’s been a while since I’ve last heard about the release of a tennis simulation game, and this news comes as a refreshing shower in a hot morning: indie company Managames has announced the release of Tennis Elbow 2009, the latest in their series of tennis sims. The new game promises to appeal to all tennis lovers – no matter if they are novice or advanced, especially because of a detailed difficulty setting.

Tennis Elbow has no less than six difficulty levels, each split into ten sublevels, probably making the game one of the most suitable ones for people who know exactly their playing level. Except for that, you’ll be able to execute all the possible strikes on a real court, from the safe strike to the acceleration, including the drop shot and the topspin lob. Also, the ball’s physics are faithfully reproduced in order to bring you the most accurate and up to date tennis simulation game ever.

The developers did not specify if we’ll see the likes of Sharapova in Tennis Elbow – which means that it’s not clear how far they went with the licensing of real players, but since they bring us 3000 players evolving over 35 years and 300 tournaments, I think we can be really satisfied.

A Tennis Elbow demo can be downloaded from the official site and if you enjoy it, you’ll have to get $24.95 or EUR19 out of your pocket for the full game. Now go see how good of a tennis player you are!