When an Alien invasion takes place and the only living being able to save planet Earth from the pesky aliens is a cat, you can imagine that the world is in deep trouble. In video games, however, this also means a lot of fun to be had and that’s exactly what indie Russian company Blagotek promises their game to offer.

Murlikin Rescues His Estate, developed exclusively for Windows operating systems is a game where players won’t find lots of blood puddles (which means it’s completely family-friendly) but they’ll still be able to find it enjoyable.

The gameplay is very simple and therefore will easily turn you into an addict – Murlikin makes his way through labyrinths and dozens of unfriendly, avoiding various dangers, sources, barrels and the most frightening ones – locked gates. To face all these dangers Murlikin possesses a large arsenal from bombs to paws and keys and, most important thing of them all – guts.

If you want to test before buying, check the Murlikin Rescues His Estate demo on the official website.