Zynga introduced two new goals in Frontierville. These tasks are designed to teach new players how to utilize the game’s Wishlist system.

Part 1 of the Swap Meet chain goals is the Prairie Swap Meet! For this goal you are required to add three items to the Wishlist, remove one item from the Wishlist, and tend five neighbor crops. This is a straightforward goal with simple requirements. You’ll be rewarded with 55 XP. Sharing it with your neighbors will give them a free Collectible.

Part 2 of the Swap Meet goals is the Buyer Beware! For this goal you are required to send two items to your Neighbors via their Wishlist, chop down five Pine Trees, and finish a collection. For new players, finishing a collection is not that easy. You can place the missing items from a collection in the Wishlist so that your neighbors can send them to you.

The Swap Meet goals let new players experience using the Wishlist. You can easily gift your neighbors extra items that you have in your inventory. It is good that Zynga makes goals for new players but what about the old ones? We also deserve to have new goals.