There’s a new feature in Mafia Wars called Secret Drops. This randomly drops while doing jobs in any city. It replaces the Secret Stash in the game.

When you get Secret Drops, a popup message will appear that announces that you found a Secret Drop location. The message will show three mafia members that enjoy sending and receiving gifts. When you click on the Proceed to Send button, you can choose from your friends to send the Secret Drop location to.

There are three categories of friends to choose from. Sleeper Agents are friends who have not played Mafia Wars for a long period of time. When you select from this list, friends can send double the rewards when they gift back. The other categories are Active Agents and All Friends.

Secret Drops can contain a Golden Key, Reward Point, +1 or +2 to Attack or Defense, Robbing boost, 2x job mastery bonus, +50% cash reward bonus, or a Burner.

What do you think about the Secret Drops? What do you like to receive from your mafia members, a Secret Drop location or a Mystery Bag?