There’s a new Challenge Mission in Mafia Wars. This time around we are taken to Dublin to Rob the National Bank.

Just like the other Challenge Missions, Dublin has three Chapters with four jobs each to master. The only difference is that players are now rewarded with a limited edition item for completing a job. That means you get four items for each chapter.

The rest of the mechanics are the same. You need to collect Pints of Stout. This is the event’s consumable item. Each day you’ll receive 20 Pints of Stout. You’ also receive Pints of Stout for adding additional crew members during the event. Pint of Stout also randomly drops while doing other jobs.

Chapter 1 of the Challenge Mission: Dublin is Euro Trash. There are four jobs in this Chapter, which are:

  • Steal St. Patrick’s Bank Personnel Records
  • Kidnap the Bank President’s Family
  • Conduct a Trial Run of the Heist
  • Execute the Bank Robbery

Like what was said before, you’ll receive an item for completing a job. In Chapter 1 – Euro Trash, you’ll get an Irish Traveler (52 Attack 63 Defense).