Steam is the company that keeps PC gaming on level terms with the overpopulated console market and now they’re coming with an amazing deal that hopefully will give some of the poor souls lost in the crappy console graphics and gameplay a chance to experience real gaming once more.

Therefore, Steam announced on their blog that starting now until July 23rd, anyone who trades an old console game at GameStop will get 30% in-store credit toward the purchase of Steam Wallet currency during the Steam Summer Sale!

This is an extremely nice deal for all gamers, especially today when the best RPG of recent times, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is at a special sale (50% off) on Steam. If you have some games to trade right now, you can get the top title (and many more, of course) for pocket change, and that is always great news for any gamers.

Great deal, Steam! I hope this goes well and many lost souls to the consoles will get back to PC gaming!