order-of-warSquare Enix has decided to give it a try with the action-strategy genre and announced the release of Order of War, a RTS set during the World War II. The game will be released in Europe on September 18 this year and there are no announced plans for other versions of the game… yet.

According to the publisher, the real time strategy game is being developed by Wargaming.net and it’s set to be “the most accessible and explosive strategy title on the market.” One thing is clear, though: it’s won’t be one of the best looking strategies, if we are to look at the first Order of War screenshot released by Square Enix!

Larry Sparks, Vice President of Square Enix said: “With Order of War, Wargaming.net has been very clever to create a fantastically accessible game that eliminates the slower elements of the strategy genre to deliver non-stop action that keeps the player at the frontline of historic WWII battles. We hope that players enjoy this exciting new title.”

We hope that too, but I wish to mention two things: the strategy genre is “slower” in its classic approach just because RTS fans tend to like to analyze the situation a bit before going to war, and not simply go for non stop action. We have button mashing games and shooters for that, don’t we?

Either way, we’ll see for ourselves what Squenix manages to deliver with this Order of War title. For me it’s just another WWII game – and I’m tired of them!