heist2Feel like playing a GTA-like game that involves robbing banks, driving incredibly fast cars and getting rich as hell? Then try out The Heist 2, a great free flash game you can play in your browser with no additional downloads! The best part? The game is very complex and well done and you’ll never feel like you’re actually playing a free game online!

The main objective in The Heist 2, created by Johnny Two Shoes, is to earn 5 million credits and become the best robber in the world. It might sound difficult (and it certainly is!) but at least ti will be an incredible ride, action-packed and filled with adrenaline!

The only problem would be, after all, that your team of gangsters will become too skilled for the cops that will start to follow you and the money they collect will never seem to be enough. But I believe that’s how it happens if you are a gangster, right?

So if you want to see for yourself, head over to the developer’s official website and give this great flash game a try: The Heist 2 will certainly keep you glued in front of the screen for quite some time (at least a million credits, let’s say!) so make sure you don’t have some important work to do – because you might forget about everything while playing the game!