dantes-infernoElectronic Arts has announced that their self-made controversial Dante’s Inferno will not be be released for PC systems and, honestly, it seems like a good choice since it is known that the button mashing genre was never a success on personal computers, especially because PC gamers tend to like to have at least a decent camera that doesn’t make them dizzy and, of course, some more things to do than simply hitting two buttons over and over again until their thumbs hurt.

But for the few people who really had hopes to see Dante’s Inferno on PC – that’s not going to happen. Website Big Download have the confirmation from an EA rep:

“When Dante’s Inferno was originally announced in December, we attached no platforms to the project. When we came out with a first look for press in February we announced 360/PS3 and then in April we announced PSP. We never announced a PC SKU nor are there plans for any.”

Dante’s Inferno has proved to be a rather unimpressive hack and slash game – if we are to judge the first batch of screenshots, and the game also disgusted me thanks to a so-called PR stunt from Electronic Arts who staged a protest against Dante’s Inferno during this year’s E3 media summit. So yes, I am actually happy that this game won’t be released on PCs. We already have enough trash to wipe away…