valve-family-gamesSome of the casual game portals might be getting a big hit in the near future since the almighty Steam digital distribution service has just launched a Family Games section, a section of the shop dedicated entirely to the distribution of more casual and family-friendly titles.

Although at the moment the titles on offer are not that many – it actually doesn’t seem to be any new casual game that wasn’t available before through Steam – I am sure that pretty soon this Family Games section will become very crowded and very competitive.

Until then, though, most of the casual games available for download via Valve’s digital distribution service are offered at a discounted price (of up to 50%), which means that you could get the Cake Mania Collection for just $6.99, the Samantha Swift Combo Pack for $9.49 or the successful Plants vs. Zombies at a special price of $7.49.

So… what do you think? Will Valve’s Family Section cause some damage to the smaller, casual games-focused online distribution services or they won’t manage to make an impact in the casual market?