Pandemic Turns You into a Saboteur This December

Pandemic Turns You into a Saboteur This December

the-saboteur-screenPandemic is clearly a studio that’s not scared by the busy holiday release schedule and they’re throwing their high quality title right in the middle of the battle: The Saboteur, their WWII-based action adventure game will be released worldwide on December 8 this year. And I must honestly admit that I can hardly wait to get my hands on that game!

According to the developers, The Saboteur is inspired by a true story, which makes it even more appealing. You will be put in the shoes of Sean Devlin, a driver trapped behind enemy lines, but a person that doesn’t want to run away. Instead, he will fight, climb and race through the streets of the Nazi-occupied Paris and, by using a wide array of weapons and fighting techniques, he will eventually get his revenge. What for… is not clear yet, but never mind that! It still seems exciting!

“The Saboteur is an entirely new take on WWII action gaming. Instead of putting players in the role of a soldier, they’ll experience one man’s quest for vengeance through an incredible story and an epic range of explosive action. Every street of Paris is alive with options, every block is teeming with action,” said Josh Resnick, President of Pandemic Studios. “We’re extremely proud of The Saboteur. The art style, intense story, and grand acts of defiance against the Nazis will deliver the one-of-a-kind experience that Pandemic fans have been waiting for.”

There will be some other really interesting features brought in by The Saboteur, like a world that gets its color back after you defeat the Nazi soldiers, but we’ll talk about the great features of the game at a later date, when Pandemic decides to give us all the juicy details.