Zynga appears to love the concept of a Special Delivery Box in their games, with Cafe World being their second social game that receives such a present, following FarmVille, where there was quite some controversy surrounding the Special Delivery Box.

Similar to its FarmVille little sister, the Special Delivery Box in Cafe World gives your friends and neighbors the exact items they require to complete buildables in the game (like super lightning stoves, catering business and so on), making it a better option than sending a random gift that might or might not be useful.

In order to send a special delivery gift box to your neighbors, you will have to go to the Free Gifts tab and select it from there – once received by neighbors, it will help them with a buildable item they really need, so in my opinion, it’s a really great gift overall!

What do you think about the Cafe World Special Delivery Box? Like it or hate it?