A new quest appeared in FrontierVille – surprisingly, having in mind that a lot of content was already released by Zynga for Halloween, but I am sure that nobody will complain! The new quest FrontierVille fans will have to complete is called Ditch That Buggy and will certainly bring back some sweet memories to fellow FrontierVille pardners.

Here are the requirements for completing the Ditch that Buggy quest:

– Get 15 Saddle Soap
– Get 15 Elbow Grease
– Clear 15 Grasses

The description of the goal reads: “You got another buggy. You AVOIDED the world’s orneriest skunk this time – by drivin’ into a ditch. Maybe yer friends will help dig er out if you make em lunch again”

And yes, as I said, Ditch that Buggy seems familiar – it is just like the Hot Wheels quest, but now with the reward of a pink buggy, so your wife can have her own buggy!

[via FrontierVille Info]