You probably know already that NBA 2K11 comes with a series of Jordan Shoes you can unlock and use to gain various bonuses in the game in the My Player mode. Of course, you need a lot of dedication to unlock all the shoes, but I am sure it’s not dedication you’re lacking, so I’m sharing with you below a complete list of NBA 2K11 Jordan Shoes, plus the bonuses they’re giving:

Air Jordan I: +2 Ball Handle
Air Jordan II: +2 Shot Low Post
Air Jordan III: +5 Steal
Air Jordan IV: +5 Pass
Air Jordan V: +5 Layup
Air Jordan VI: +5 Vertical
Air Jordan VII: +4 Shot 3PT
Air Jordan VIII: +4 Shoot Off Dribble
Air Jordan IX: +2 Hustle
Air Jordan X: +4 Hands
Air Jordan XI: +10 Dunk
Air Jordan XII: +5 Stamina
Air Jordan XIII: +5 Defensive Low Post
Air Jordan XIV: +5 Shot Medium
Air Jordan XV: +2 Ball Security
Air Jordan XVI: +4 Off-Hand Dribbling
Air Jordan XVII: +2 Strength
Air Jordan XVIII: +2 Block
Air Jordan XIX: +2 Defensive Rebound
Air Jordan XX: +4 Quickness
Air Jordan XX1: +2 Offensive Low Post
Air Jordan XX2: +2 On-Ball Defense
Air Jordan XX3: +4 Offensive Awareness
Air Jordan 2009: +2 Durability
Air Jordan 2010: +2 Shot Inside
Air Jordan 2010 Team: +3 Speed
Flight School: +2 Defensive Awareness
Melo M7: +3 Shot Medium
Ol’ School IV: +2 Shoot In Traffic
Take Flight: +2 Shot Close
CP3.IV: +3 Pass
Pure J: +2 Shot 3PT
1-6-1-7: +2 Steal
Team Iso: +2 Speed
Rare Air: +2 Layup
Pro Strong: +2 Defensive Low Post
Air’s: +2 Stamina
Evolution ’85: +2 Shoot Off Dribble
6.17.23: +2 Off-Hand Dribbling
Jumpman H Series: +2 Offensive Rebound

Good luck collecting all the Jordan Shoes in the game and turning your player into a real star!