We no longer have Bobble Heads in Fallout New Vegas, but we have Snow Globes instead – just 7 of them, scattered around the huge map of the game. In this article I will share with you the locations for the snow globes in Fallout New Vegas, so read on.

First of all, it’s worth noting that Snow Globes are not as important as the Bobbleheads in Fallout 3: they give you no extra stats, and you can only sell them for 2,000 caps each… pretty nice sum of money, but kind of useless in the end… Either way, here are the locations of the Snow Globes:

Snow Globe #1 Location:

You can get this right at the start of the game from the Goodsprings Cemetery (best to get it when you collect the plants for the quest). You will find it in a grave, right near the water tower in the Goodsprings Cemetery.

Snow Globe #2 Location:

You can find this globe while traveling to The Strip, in the Freeside. To be more precise, you will find it inside the Mormon Fort, in a room in the tower, right near the stairs.

Snow Globe #3 Location:

In the Lucky 38, you can get it after talking to Mr House for the first time – it’s on the Cocktail Lounge Floor, near the round bar.

Snow Globe #4 Location:

This is a bit harder to get, and it’s found in the Vault 21, in Sarah’s room. The difficult part is how to enter her room – if you don’t have high enough lock picking skills, your only choice is to kill the poor girl to get the key…

Snow Globe #5 Location:

You can find this in the Nellis Boomer Museum, near the Nellis Hangars. It’s the same place where you talk to the NPC Pete in another mission.

Snow Globe #6 Location:

You can find this one in a desk inside the Visitor’s Center of the Hoover Dam.

Snow Globe #7 Location:

You can find this one in Jacobstonwn, in the reception lobby.

Good luck collecting all the snow globes in Fallout New Vegas!