I’ve already told you that there’s a ton of Halloween themed content in FrontierVille, and part of it is the Headless quest series, or the Headless Horseman series of quests in the game. Below I have all the details about all the missions and requirements for these new quests, as well as tips to complete it faster, so enjoy completing these new quests in FrontierVille!

Headless Horseman Quest, Part I – A Grave Tale
Quest’s description: “With the approach of All Hallows’ Eve, perhaps you should dedicate a peaceful place for the spirits to rest. Pull up the grass and till the land so you can build the Graveyard.” Here are the requirements for completing this mission:

– Clear Five Grass
– Clear Two Rocks
– Buy the Graveyard from the Market

Headless Horseman Quest, Part II – The Legend of Sleepy Junction
Quest’s description: “Alas, the Graveyard is haunted by a vengeful spirit from a long ago war! Drive the Headless Horseman from your home with fire, and nail up a lucky talisman over each doorway so he won’t bother you again!” Here are the requirements for completing this mission:

– Craft Six Fire
– Get Ten Lucky Talismans
– Scare off the Headless Horseman

Tips: Fire is crafted in the Covered Wagon and the lucky talisman are received from friends by clicking the Ask Friends button (you also get one when you send one!). How to Scare Off the Headless Horseman? Simple – just click it and it will be scared away!

Headless Horseman Quest, Part III – Horseman’s Rampage
Quest’s description: “The Headless Horseman is rampaging through your neighbors’ land. Help them out by clearing some trees for visibility, and get the horses ready and saddled to chase him down!” Here are the requirements for completing this quest:

– Chop Five Neighbor Oak Trees
– Tend or Groom Five Neighbor Horses
– Help Five Neighbors Scare off the Horseman

This one is a bit more difficult: after you scare the Headless Horseman off your land, it will go to your neighbors’ homesteads. In order to scare him away, you need to click it – but also you will lose all the 5 tends for that day!

Headless Horseman Quest, Part IV – Finding the Weakness
Quest’s description: “An old storybook tells of the Horseman’s origins and how to truly defeat him. Find the cannonball that took off his head in the War, then load it up in a special cannon with some blessed gunpowder.” Here are the requirements for this mission:

– Place Ghost Cannon from your Inventory (Or buy one from the Market)
– Get Ten Blessed Powder
– Find the Bloody Cannonball

You can get the Bloody Cannonball by cleaning your land or neighbors’ land. The Blessed Powder is obtained by clicking the Ask Friends Button.

Headless Horseman, Part V – Rest in Pieces
Quest’s description: “It’s time to defeat that horrible Horseman once and for all! Use the Ghost Cannon, blessed powder and bloody cannonball to blow him back into the afterlife. Then sanctify the Graveyard by collecting his severed head.” Here is what you need in order to complete this quest:

– Defeat the Headless Horseman
– Finish the Graveyard

You can blast away the Headless Horseman now using the Ghost cannon. It will give you the materials required for the graveyard finishing!

Pretty amazing new series of quests in FrontierVille, I Really like the direction this game is heading to!