If you’ve seen already that the FarmVille neighbors that visit you can perform tricks and turn your animals into ghosts or cobweb your items, you certainly want to know how to do do it yourself and that’s exactly what this article will tell you: how to trick your neighbors in FarmVille!

First of all, in order to perform a trick, you need to visit your neighbors – you can only perform 5 tricks per neighbor per 24 hours. Simply click on the trick icon (looking like a spider’s web) to the left of the screen. Here are the actions you can perform afterwards:

– Cobwebbing barns
– Cobwebbing trees and fences (exception is the Cherry Blossom)
– Ghosting farm animals

While you will see the cobwebbing or ghosting as you complete those actions, the change isn’t official until the neighbor Accepts or Declines your Tricking actions—much the same way that neighbor visits for fertilizing crops or harvesting farm animals works currently.

Hovering the mouse over the icon of your neighbor will show which actions they performed on your farm as well as what they Tricked—to Accept or Decline your neighbor’s actions (including Tricks), click on the icon of your neighbor and choose Accept or Decline.

Alternately, if your FarmVille neighbors don’t like to play tricks on your farm, you can purchase them for yourself, for the price of 2 Farm Cash from the market.

Do you like this new FarmVille feature or not?