We’ve received from Zynga in the past few weeks quite a few buildables that increased our maximum energy, so there was an acute need for extra energy sources. They are here now, in the form of the Monster Kebab, Ninja Food and the Happy Cakes. Read on for all the details on these goodies!

Ninja Food: It won’t make you invisible, but it will certainly give you 12 extra energy (expires after 3 days)

Monster Kebab: Fortunately, computer games don’t deal with calories, so you shouldn’t be scared by this humongous kebab. Especially since it gives you 12 extra energy and it’s good for 3 days.

Happy Cakes: Something sweet is always sweet and extra 12 energy in Treasure Isle is what the Happy Cakes give you. Again good to use for 3 days.

Hope you can get as many of these new items in Treasure Isle as possible! Good luck with that!