Halloween has arrived to Cafe World as well and there’s a new catering mission for you to complete in time for the holiday: the Ghoulish Feast in Cafe World! Read on to find out all the details about this great, complex and really challenging new catering mission.

You have three days to complete the Ghoulish Feast in Cafe World for a three stars rating, and here are the requirements:

– Serve Vampire Staked Steak 144 times
– Serve Caramel Apples 113 times
– Collect 10 Black Lights
– Collect 10 Skulls
– Collect 5 Spider Webs

As you can see, it’s for the first time when you need special items in order to complete a catering mission: you can get all of the required items by asking your friends for them. Also, it would be really wise if you asked at least some of them to join you in the quest to finish this mission as it is almost impossible to do it yourself just in time for the Gold Award (aka three star rating).

Do you have any tips for completing the Ghoulish Feast in Cafe World?