With the PS3 sales far from skyrocketing, Sony has to find new ways to generate income and, for now, they seem to be doing a great job: after introducing card games to EverQuest II, the company has also went one step further and created a virtual currency, StationCash, that can be used to purchase in-game items of all sorts.

The announcement managed to upset the EverQuest II players but they’ll surely get used to this pretty soon, especially because you can now purchase lots of potions which improve for a few hours your character’s stats. Also, Sony promise that they have chosen the items “carefully in an effort to avoid a disruption in gameplay balance”. Also, “Station Cash (and items purchased with SC) are intended to allow for convenience and added customisation. Such items provide players with a unique gameplay experience for nominal fees.”

One hundred SC costs 1 buck or 1 EUR, but it’s not known yet how much you’ll have to spend on new potions, armor, pets and so on – if you want to purchase them, of course. But now there’s another thing that bugs us even more: what will Sony do next? Weekly DLC?