Tomorrow, Mythic will release the Patch 1.1a for Warhammer Online, changing several player-sugested things in the game and adding, as expected, some brand new and exciting content. Also, with the release of the patch tomorrow, Mythic will bring down the servers for a couple of hours, but they’ll be up and ready to offer you an even greater experience by noon.

Among the most important changes brought by the WAR patch 1.1a, we have new careers, as well as the first step taken towards open RvR: Influence in open RvR areas! According to the official announcement, by defeating enemy players in open RvR and helping to defend and capture Keeps and Battlefield Objectives, players can now earn Influence. Each Tier of each pairing has its own influence pool and rewards, for a total of 12 pools for each Realm. This Influence can be used at the newly-added Rally Masters in the appropriate Warcamps to earn gear and other RVR reward items.

Some other features include Easy Public Quests for the lone riders or smaller groups, chat hyperlinking, armor improvements, a new group functionality – the main assist, as well as lots of fixes and tweaks to the user interface. Oh, and for those who are really hardcore, dedicated players, Mythic will introduce with the Warhammer Online Patch 1.1a a feature to tickle their ego: player statues! These statues are located in the War Quarter in Altdorf and in the Undercroft in Inevitable City, and have been enabled to display the top ten Renown Point earners of the previous week and the weekly top Renown Point earner of each realm for that server. So now everybody will know who you are (if you’re a top player, that is)