As if there was a big need to be reminded just how big World of Warcraft is, CCTV is reporting that a restaurant accurately recreating the WoW feeling was opened in Beijing by a… surprise! World of Warcraft fan. And such things should really be created more often (and, of course, not only in China).

The Chinese restaurant welcomes its customers with a real life re-creation of the opening animation from the game and just marks the beginning of some even better things: huge plasma screens displaying scenes from the game, decoration inspired by the online universe and even a huge tree placed at the center of the dining hall, for those who wish to go for the most accurate “social” feeling.

With the dining area called “the Hall of Snow Storms”, we are not at all surprised to find out that the owner of the restaurant has gone that far to name the foods just like the in-game stuff you can eat. Hopefully he stopped at the names, since I doubt that Spider soup or Crispy Bat Wings are tasty at all.