advertAs you know, video games are being blamed for every bad thing in this world (and honestly I’m waiting to see them blamed for the recession), but there’s not too much that can be done. However, it appears that when the British Department of Health starts an awareness campaign against video games in which it uses a controller resembling Sony’s Dual Shock, people get upset.

And I’m not talking just about PlayStation 3 fans who have all the right to feel aggrieved, but Sony themselves who consider suing the British Department of Health over their “Risk an Early Death” advertisement.

The advert, as you can see, shows a child holding a gaming controller, and next to him it’s written “Risk an an early death, just do nothing”. According to MCV, Sony is now considering a lawsuit since the creators of the campaign “had not contacted the platform holder to ask about using a controller that bears a close likeness to PlayStation’s pad.” Therefore, SCEE is now looking into the possibility of taking legal action – presumably either to block the ad altogether, or at least have the controller changed.

The PS3 manufacturers are not the only ones going against this advert which is considered to unfairly suggest that video games alone are the cause of all major problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease: Sega, Atari, Future Publishing, Tiga and the ELSPA are also actively criticizing it. What will happen – we’ll see. If you are to ask me, I doubt much will change.