burn-zombie-burnIf there is one thing gamers love doing, that’s clearly related to zombies and impressive weapons that can prove their strength on the brain-eating creatures. Knowing about the love we have for zombie massacres, indie developers doublesix are preparing Burn Zombie Burn for the PlayStation 3 consoles, hitting the Network on March 26.

Burn Zombie Burn! is one of Sony Computer Entertainment America’s exclusive downloadable games on the PSN, and will be given the all star promotional treatment to ensure it’s success. Players can take part in high score and trophy competitions to win a horror themed holiday abroad, framed Burn Zombie Burn! artwork signed by the development team and of course, limited edition t-shirts depicting the characters from the game.

doublesix promises to provide additional PlayStation Network downloadable content for Burn Zombie Burn! including a strategy guide with hints and tips from the creators of the game, an 8 page “BZB” graphic comic and the unique catalog of music tracks composed specifically for the game. Which is pretty impressive for a small PSN game…


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